Wine Seminars

WOW! Tasting Pavilion: Sip! See! Savor the Experience!

Meet! Drink! Laugh! Learn! All Pass holders are invited to join us at the WOW! Tasting Pavilion as wine experts share their creativity and mouthwatering insights.
Panel sessions generally run about 30 minutes and there is limited seating.
Sip + Shop! All wines showcased throughout the weekend available to order with exclusive VBWFF special event pricing.
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FRIDAY, June 7

2:30pm – Double Blind Wine Tasting Sniff ‘n Sip!

Bob Stanley, VBWFF Wine Director, TV Host Seller to Cellar and past Florida International Wine Competition judge hosts:
Those will be your only clues at this unusual rare tasting experience. The black colored glasses handicap your senses. The glass masks the color of the wine adding another dimension of confusion during the blind tasting. Enjoy playing, “Name That Wine!”

4pm –  Does Age Matter?
Host, Justin Molis, Marietta Wines
Do old vines make better wine? Taste and see for yourself when you sample these fruits of ancient vines. Discover the rich aromas, complex taste profiles and deep rich color in the glass. And learn everything you need to know about old vine wines.


11:30am – The New ABC’s. . .Anything But Cabernet or Chardonnay

Host, Jonathan Libman, WINEBOW Fine Wines + Spirits
Like the little black dress or your favorite blue jeans, your go to wine needs a refresh. Jazz up your cellar with these unique obscure, wines rarely seen at tastings. Tempt your palette, step up your somm game and impress your friends with great wines that are not the usual suspects

1pm – Taste the Unexpected: Beer Makes History!

Mash Monkeys Brewery, Brew Master Derek Gerry
This local brew master works with history to create beers of the future. With your personal craft brews flight, you’ll travel the world and match brewing styles with yeast geography. Experience the flavors of the Florida ale trail renaissance at our pop up taproom. Hop talk never tasted so good!

2:30pm – Next Generation Winning Wines

Winemaker Ali Nemo from Bee Hunter Wines
Meet the trailblazing tastemaker who’s producing top rated locally-sourced grapes in Anderson Valley, California. Hunting hidden vineyards, leveraging natural farming and winemaking techniques, she’s elevating the fruit of the vine. Taste the exquisite flavors of her award-winning wines and become a Bee Hunter.

SUNDAY, June 9

1:30pm – What’s in Your Glass?

Host, Bob Stanley, VBWFF Wine Director, TV Host Seller to Cellar
Join our grapey game show where vine time trivia meets Jeopardy! Play along with your host as you guess the varietal, vintage and country swirling around in your glass! Join us for the most fun you can have at a blind tasting! Prizes and bragging rights galore!

3:00pm – Beautiful Bottle Beauty Pageant
We all know it’s silly to judge a book by its cover, especially when it comes to wine. Here’s a chance to admire these beautiful wine label and possibly win one to take home. Next time you’re invited over to dinner – pick a BYOB beauty!

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