2019 Films

Comedy Short Films

Destination F (#*%!)

The film mockingly observes and comments on the clichés of the French cultural when it clashes with the addiction of...

Director: Patrick Taulere



Animated Short Films


The journey of a light emitting being through a dark and ancient world ridden with forgotten knowledge. What is the...

Director: Bogdan Anifrani



Animated Short Films


An animated short describes the remembrance of a beloved one. The story is about a man desperately trying to recreate...

Director: Chenxin Yang



Documentary Shorts

Circle of Iris The film is a snapshot of Susan, a feisty 65-year-old woman, who has left the very fast...



NEXT UP! Student Films

Doll It Up

Feeling his marriage with Natalie – a sex doll he has been with for 3 years – has grown stale,...

Director: Yalan Hu



Animated Short Films

Don’t Lose Heart

Don’t Lose Heart is the story about a young girl on the day of her heart transplant, but her transplant...

Director: Christine Arnold



Dramatic Short Films

El Roi (The God Who Sees Me)

El Roi literally means The God Who Sees Me. This experimental film speaks to the pervasive messages from media and...

Director: Taylor Raye Curry



Documentary Feature

Enormous: The Gorge Story

Despite overwhelming odds, a small family winery – with a makeshift plywood stage – eventually became “The Gorge,” a Pollstar,...

Director: Nic Davis



Narrative Feature


When an interfaith couple retreats to a Colorado cabin for a romantic Christmas weekend, their relationship is tested by haunted...

Director: Joe Duca



Dramatic Short Films

Every Nine Hours

A modern-day exploration of skin color and gender and how they affect one’s ability to participate in relationships and society....

Directors: Adam Margolis & Jim St. Germain



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