Animated + Dramatic Shorts 2

The Dishwasher
Inspired by true events, a young family is thrown into upheaval after receiving a note from the local cartel in Puerto Penasco, Mexico.

The Last Fishing Trip
An older woman’s mortality is tested after she loses her brother to cancer. With nothing else to live for, she meets a young man who represents hope.

The Musician
A famous violinist spends her days dressing up as a busker (street musician) and believes that sharing her music can transform lives.

The T-shirt
We live in a society full of prejudices, stereotypes and labels. Sometimes we are unfairly labeled by others. But sometimes, all too often, we self-impose ourselves a virtual image so distorted.  Ricardo looks as an unstable and aggressive person. But this morning will not be one more. Events will inevitably drag him towards what will be the first day of his new life.

Guest of Honor
Struck by tragedy, a married couple goes ahead with their anniversary party, when an unusual guest arrives.

An animated short describes the remembrance of a beloved one. The story is about a man desperately trying to recreate his late wife’s dish.

Don’t Lose Heart
Don’t Lose Heart is the story about a young girl on the day of her heart transplant, but her transplant cooler gets lost in transit and must make it back to her before time runs out.

The journey of a light emitting being through a dark and ancient world ridden with forgotten knowledge. What is the purpose for this creature’s existence? Does it have a purpose to begin with?

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