2020 Films

Dramatic Short Films

Bombs Bursting in Air

Amidst the Coney Island backdrop of fireworks on July 4th, 1949, Della, a battered, young black woman leaves her husband...

Director: Lidiya Korotko



Documentary Short Films

Bullets to Books

Jok Abraham Thon has a mission; to heal South Sudan through education and changing the population?s mindset from ?Bullets to...

Director: Andy Truschinski



Comedy Short Films

Candy Canes: A Short Holiday Film from Playground Punks

Candy Canes follows Jack as he tries to have a simple holiday date. When the doorbell rings, everything changes. It’s...

Director: Chris Ballinger



Documentary Short Films

Cannon Girl

This documentary is based on the life of a young woman, describing her amazing experiences and profession in the circus...

Directors: Pandora Heathcoe & Stephen Savage



Narrative Feature

Carnival of Wonders

A young artist on the edge of existence finds herself in a strange town full of lost souls who have...

Director: Jonathan Lawrence



Dramatic Short Films


When a psychologist attempts to help a patient using an unconventional approach, he finds himself in a battle for control

Director: Mike Greene



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Clean Slate

A woman in an unhappy marriage hatches out a plan to steal a large sum of money from her wealthy...

Director: Martin Miranda



Narrative Feature

Coming Up For Air

When single mom Anna Russell, a ceramic artist, discovers that her son Stan, an outstanding college diver and academic star...

Director: Robert Cicchini



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Dad in a Box

A feathered foe, trepidatious transportation, and a crack in the cement plague a scattered brained bride as she schleps her...

Director: Bethany Ruth Miller



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David Isn’t Here Anymore

Driven to sell a notoriously haunted home, a struggling realtor must confront the malevolent forces that prevent him from doing...

Director: Josh Ceranic



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