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Dramatic Short Films

In the City of Angels, a jungle filled with predators & opportunists perpetually on the prowl, Zora a beautifully exotic groupie wants nothing more than to rub shoulders with her celebrity obsession & Hollywood hunk Shemar Moor. So she arranges to spend the evening watching a DVD at her condo with Moor’s handsome slick tongued half-brother Cyrano in a ploy to use him as a stepping stone to Shemar.?But Cyrano, hip to the hustle, & out to quench the thirst of his own desire, plots to use his charm & the fame of his half-brother as bait to seduce Zora. And as their movie glimmers, these two sexy beasts hunt one another & by the end of an intimate evening, one will never be the same.

Director: Johnny Ray Gill
Runtime: 18 min 5 sec
Country of origin: United States

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