50 Shades of Silence

Vero Visions

When her jilted ex-boyfriend harasses and publicly shames and exposes her naked body online, one courageous woman triumphs over her humiliation. Darieth Chisolm finds her courage and uses her voice to fight back, inspire and motivate other victims of Revenge Porn and cyber harassment and launches a global social justice movement.

Imagine waking up one day to find nude pictures and videos of yourself on the internet. Images that you were not aware existed, you did not approve of and have no control of removing. The person who committed this atrocious act, you once lived with and loved, lives in a different country and wants to humiliate you and destroy your reputation – and no legislation or law enforcement can prevent this from occurring or ensure those pictures are removed.

This ongoing international saga, happened to Darieth Chisolm, a 2 X Emmy Award-winning television personality, former NBC News Anchor, business coach and international motivational speaker. Darieth suddenly became a victim of cyberstalking and revenge porn at the hands of an ex-boyfriend, who constructed a website with nude photos and videos and harassing memes to attempt to publicly shame, embarrass and destroy her career and celebrity.

Go behind the scenes with Darieth as she chronicles her painful, yet the purposeful journey of launching a global movement against cyber harassment crimes, and the steps she takes to not only seek legislative change but also create a space in which victims can become survivors and regain their dignity.

Throughout the documentary, Darieth takes you into the homes of other victims, in the law offices of attorneys, in the courtrooms of judges, and on the streets in front of government buildings and courthouses where she staged marches and rallies to fight these horrible crimes. As survivors share their stories, Darieth transparently offers a glimpse into her own ongoing legal battle that serves as the impetus to the 50 Shades of Silence movement.

Director: Darieth Chisolm
Country of origin: United States
Runtime: 38 min 2 sec

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