Bee is for Bob

Documentary Short

A humble bee keeper and his love for the social insect.

Bob has been keeping bees since 1964. That’s a long time to be doing something but not very long to be doing something you love. By spending only a few moments with Bob, one can quickly grasp the origins of his passionate “hobby”, as he eloquently relates the labors and life of the bees to the lives of people.
Bob employs a commonsense type of awareness, both of self and of people; an awareness that he gathered through years of working with a fascinating instinct that too often goes unnoticed. Bob is constantly torn between humble regret and appreciation for the gifts that bees provide, and his noble nature can be felt when he says of his having to raise honey prices through the years:
“God is charging me the same price, that’s zero. Yet, I started out selling the honey for $1 a quart…now I sell it for $18 a quart and don’t think twice about it.”
Quotes like these, which stem from an honesty not often experienced in people, tell of a man who seems to have grasped the essence of what we call life. And he learned this from an insect. Amidst his use of economic jargon, stands out words that echo a sense of togetherness, and moderation. Bob calls the bees: “a social insect”…perhaps he mentions this without direct reason, but perhaps he mentions this so that we all might try and learn something from the bees.

Director Biography

Stephen Oakey is an award-winning commercial director, producer, and founder of Oakey Agency based out of Atlanta, GA. He specializes in commercial, branded content, and 3D visualization, and has worked with global brands such as Chevy, Sony Playstation, and Haagen-Dazs. Stephen’s creative style is heavily influenced by music, and aims to capture the seemingly trivial, yet delicately vital exchanges of what makes us distinctly human.

Director: Stephen Oakey
Length: 4 min

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