Narrative Feature

Pete is a Brooklyn DJ and musician waiting for the big break that will allow him to focus full-time on his music and quit his day-job delivering beer for his girlfriend Becca’s father. When Pete finds his way into the world of beatboxing and begins to get traction under the mentorship of the lovely signer Rye, it seems that his moment to shine is just around the corner. Nothing comes easily, however, especially since Pete’s immersion in this new subculture causes serious friction with Becca.

Beatboxing is a thrilling genre, with roots in early ’80s hip-hop. Using only their mouths, b-boxers provide both the vocals and the instrumentation to their creations simultaneously. In the past fifteen years, a new wave of beatbox stars has swelled through the internet, and any strong beatboxing competition is full of jaw-dropping, joyful wonderment at the skills and inventiveness on show. In Beatbox, first-time writer-director Andrew Dresher has sourced some of the genre’s fiercest talents so as to imbue his film with authenticity. As with 8 Mile, our hero’s suspenseful rise from underdog status to a national finalist makes for an adrenalized fist-pump of a story—one with a soundtrack that you won’t want to stop.

Director Biography

Andrew Dresher is from Brooklyn. He studied film at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and has directed music videos. Beatbox is his first feature as screenwriter and director.

Director: Andrew Dresher

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